These are my notes from the 5 Tricks to Make Intermittent Fasting Work Faster video on YouTube by Dr. Berg.


Five useful tips on accelerating your fast and making the most of it. The tip on Potassium is probably the most interesting one of the five and the one I most likely never read before.


  1. Increase potassium intake. Potassium is most important mineral in relation to insulin. Weight loss comes with fixing insulin issues. 4700mg of potassium is the daily requirement and you need a lot of vegetables to make that up. An electrolyte powder might help.
  2. Do not overeat during the feeding window. A salad doesn’t spike insulin compared to other meals. For weight loss, keep your insulin as low as possible.
  3. Do it (fasting) gradually. Especially if you have blood sugar issues. Don’t go straight into 20 hour fasts, start slow and increase gradually. You could for example follow this progression:
    1. Three meals a day, no snacks.
    2. Two meals a day.
    3. Then shrink the eating window gradually.
  4. Extra sleep. Cortisol goes up when you are not getting enough sleep. Keep stress as low as possible, especially if weight loss is your primary concern.
  5. HIIT – Intense exercise, especially early in the morning can empty your glycogen stores and send you into the later stages of fasting faster. Short and sweet is what you are looking for when it comes to HIIT.

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