Dr Rhonda Patrick follows a specific strategy for her diet. It covers what she eats, when she eats, and most importantly, why she eats it. All too often we get caught up with consuming something without enough thought to how it will fit in our overall strategy. Much like Rhonda’s supplement list, you can see how her logic and strategies might apply to your own life.


  • Rhonda tries to limit eating in a 10 hour window, and only water during the fasting period.
  • Lunch is almost always a micronutrient rich green smoothie, and that is how she gets the majority of her greens.
  • She consumes Broccoli Sprouts or supplements Sulforaphane for its host of benefits.
  • She uses her DNA profile to identify genes like MTFHR, which is why she takes a methylated folate supplement.
  • Cuts out refined sugars and carbohydrates as much as possible.


For starters, Rhonda follows time-restricted feeding and eats during a 10 hour window, fasting for 14. More specifically she tries to follow a circadian rhythm fast as popularized by Dr Sachin Panda of the Salk institute. When you follow a circadian rhythm fast, you eat at or before sundown and eat again after sunrise.

The Benefits of Time Restricted Feeding

Several studies show several benefits, including improved insulin sensitivity along with decreased levels of oxidative stress and blood pressure. As more and more studies complete over the next few years, we will get a better sense of the other beenfits.


For a detailed look at the Sulforaphane and its many benefits, watch this video by Rhonda. Originally she used to sprout Broccoli seeds, but now she takes it in supplement form.

Let’s take a look at what she eats (or drinks) for her three meals:



Rhonda’s favorite and most common breakfast is a combination of scrambled eggs, sautéed Kale, with variations like Salmon Roe, Grapefruit, Avocado, and a Salsa.

Another breakfast favorite for her is a mix of nuts and berries with coconut milk, with oats for the beta glucan content. She also adds flaxseeds, Greek yogurt, and collagen powder.


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