These are some tips on improving your memory (both short term and long term) taken from The Joe Rogan Experience podcast 901 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick.


Writing the same things over and over again will help you remember things. One example she did use was for presentations without slides. The key factor here is physically writing it down, which has a different effect to typing it over and over again.

If you want to be a super-ager, you need to be fit, but also mentally sharp.

She also takes a product called Memory+ from CocoaVia which has shown to improve word recall versus placebo. Check out the page for the Dr. Rhonda Patrick supplements list.


In general, exercise can improve clarity on hard (important) decisions and reduces stress levels.

Short term memory

If you want to improve short-term recall or need to remember something for a short period of time, run BEFORE you learn.

Long-term memory

The opposite of the above, which is run AFTER you learn something to improve long term recall.

Resistance training is also good for the brain and your general recall. However, if you want to increase serum BDNF, which grows new brail cells and heals others, you need 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.

The key is to push past your comfort zones, both mentally and physically. As the saying goes, No Pain No Gain.