This is a summary of the Tim Ferriss Show episode where Tim puts together some of the best tips for a good nights sleep from some of his guests.

Key Takeaways

All it takes is a small set of changes, a bedtime routine, and good sleep hygiene to vastly improve your sleep. As we saw from the Joe Rogan episode with Matthew Walker, the author of the book Why We Sleep, you can attribute of a lot of people’s issues to a lack of proper sleep.

Here is a list of tips from Tim and his guests and their methods of improving sleep.

Tim Ferriss
  • Use a white noise machine that is even part of some high-end hotel rooms.
  • Sleep in a room as cold as you can tolerate. Your ideal temperature will vary to others.
  • You can mitigate symptoms of manic depression by sleeping before 11pm. This also applies to anxiety and general stability.
  • Feels the best physically when he sleeps eight hours.
  • Feels the best mentally with seven and a half hours.

Charles Poliquin
  • Takes Magnesium L Threonate before bed. According to Charles, of all the different types of Magnesium, this is the best suited for sleep.
  • Takes 2g of L-Theanine.
  • Says you cannot prioritize between food, sleep, and exercise. You need all three.

Mike Birbiglia
  • Uses his Fitbit to track his sleep. Calls it his very own sleep study, since he suffers from REM sleep disorder.
  • Listens to the Sleep with Me podcast as part of his wind down routine.
  • Avoids social media at night.
  • Writes in his journal.

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