These are summary notes from the above YouTube video.

  • How much sleep you need is basically a genetic trait.
  • You need the exact how much sleep for you, it is a very individual sleep need.
  • How to figure out how much sleep need:
    • Average sleep cycle is 90 minutes. Each person has five sleep cycles which is 7.5 hours. Move your bed time until you hit the time you need to wake up at. If you are waking up too early, then you are sleeping too early. For me it looks like I need 7.5 hours based on sleep logs. The sleep cycle time can have individual differences. Sometimes people are night owls and need to get that sleep while sleeping later.
  • Michael’s routine
    • 15 minutes of sunlight
      • Morning sunlight has a frequency that stops melatonin production which is why people wake up and need the sunlight in the morning.
    • Workout at 10am based on his chronotype
    • Glass of water
  • What are the most important things they recommend?
    • Get the amount of sleep you need for your lifestyle.
    • Know your chronotype to determine what time brackets might work best for you.

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